Routers intellectually designed for blazing fast speed and highly confined security level to secure your device from bugs and viruses which are usually being present within the network. These devices are designed with the cutting edge to provide the ability to mount or place them at every pinpoint or every corner of your residence. These devices are embedded with the high tech frequency bands providing you enough reliable connections to operate any heavy internet website or to run down any hectic operation within your device. The bands of these devices can easily be assigned or adjusted through which redirects the user to the Amped router login page giving them authority to access the bands of the router. Amped routers are meant to deliver the matchless speed to their users to enable them to get the crystal clear HD streaming and lag-free online multiple gaming.

How to update the Firmware of Amped Titan routers?

update the Firmware of Amped Titan routersThe firmware of the router is the most essential thing upon which the functionality of the router depends. The Firmware provides the interface to the routers to communicate with the user and to follow the instructions commanded by the users. Without the help of firmware, the device cannot be able to act according to the willingness of the users. It basically bridges the gap between the users and the device which handles the total functionality of the device. The user should update the device time to time in order to maintain the steady transmission of the Wi-Fi signals within the device. The firmware of the Amped router is updated through with the help of which the user is able to visit the Amped router login page of the router.

Steps to update the Firmware of the Amped router

  • Before visiting the web interface through, the user should visit the support website of Amped routers to download the firmware for their routers.
  • Now, after successfully downloading the available firmware for your Amped router, Open up the browser in your desktop with which your home network is connected.
  • Type as the URL of the browser you are using to get to the Amped router login page.
  • Mention “admin” as the username and password if you haven’t set any credentials within the Amped router login page.  If you do have set your own password then apply it on the password field.
  •  Click on the login button to enter into the admin page of the Amped routers.
  • Now go to the advanced settings then select the Administrative tab, click on the Firmware Upgrade tab.
  • Firmware Upgrade page will get displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the browse button to fetch the downloaded firmware file. Now tap the open button and your file will get opened up and start the installation.
  • As soon as the installation gets finished the firmware will get installed within your device.
  • Reboot your router and then your router will get restarted with the new firmware.

How to set up a Guest Access in the Amped Athena AC2600 router?

Guest Access in these routers is easy to set up as they are triggered within the Amped routers through the web interface of as the address bar. The feature is used when the administrator wants to share his network along with the other user but at the same time forbidding them from accessing the private files within the network. The Guest Access feature creates a separate network in which the other users get connected and performs the operation without having the authority to access the private files of the users.

Steps to set up a Guest Access within the Amped Athena AC2600 router
Steps to set up a Guest Access within the Amped Athena AC2600 router

  • Open up the browser in your Wi-Fi connected computer.
  • Type the address bar of the browser. Sometimes the user while getting to the Amped router login page get encountered with the connection error, that’s the reason most users use on the address bar of the browser
  • Mention the correct login credentials on the Amped router login page. If you do have set the password then type it on the password field. If you haven’t set any password within the password field then mention your default password on the password field.
  • Now, as you enter the home page of the Amped router, click on the Network and then go to the Guest Network tab.
  • Enable Guest Network tab and then go to the Wireless settings of your Guest Network.
  • Assign a Network Name and Wi-Fi password to the Guest Network of your router.
  • After performing all the setting on the wireless settings of your Guest Network click on the Apply button to apply all the settings you have made.
  • When you are done with all of the above settings you have made you can also reboot your router.

I have entered the but can’t be able to access the web menu dashboard

Here are some troubleshooting steps which might help you out from the above problem

  • Avoid the connection of your Amped router with the Wireless connection as it may be the cause of this issue. Make sure you have used a wired connection using the Ethernet cable and also verify that the router should be on.
  • Check that your system must not be connected to any other wireless networks If it has happened then disable the Wi-Fi connection and reboot your router and try again.
  • Change the internet explorers you are using, close it and reopen it.
  • If you are using as the address bar of the browser you cannot get to the Amped router login page then you also can use as the URL of the browser.
  • If instead of menu dashboard, the setup wizard of the Amped router is appearing then you have not set up your router yet, first you need to set up your router, then the menu dashboard is going to get appear.
  • Clear up the cache memory of your Netgear Router, and then go for it again to get to the menu dashboard of your router.
  • If you are not getting the result from the above steps then, reset the router to default settings by holding the reset button for around ten seconds.

If the Internet is abnormally slow or causing the sudden degradation

Here are the instructions that you must follow in order to avoid the sudden degradation

  • Check the internet speed by visiting the interface through After checking this speed, connect your modem directly to the computer then check your speed again through if the results get same, then the issue is directly from the Internet provider side. Now, contact your Internet Service Provider to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Check the internet speed through another computer which is connected to your router. If the Internet speed is enough then the networking equipment may be disrupted or your main computer may be experiencing the operating system problems.
  • If the user is using the wireless connection then make sure that the bar representing the internet connection must be more than the three bars. If the bars are not above than three, then the user needs to move closer to the router.

If the wireless adapter does not connect at the maximum wireless speed

Troubleshooting steps for the above issue

  • The first reason for the above step may be is that your wireless adapter may be outdated and it may be using the older wireless technology which might not be capable of achieving the maximum speed of the router.
  • Just check the security type you are using as the security board in your network. Some of the security types like WPA and WPA2 may slow down the internet speed.
  • Check that your wireless data of the router should set to Auto data speeds.
  • The cause of the above issue can also be that your internet operable device may not be in enough distance of your wireless router.
  • Check that the wireless channel in which your router is set must not be crowded. Try to change that present wireless channel to another channel and then try to test that speed again.
  • Avoid using Internet websites for measuring the Internet connection speed which is primarily controlled by your ISP. Wireless speeds are usually for the local network and not for the internet connection.

How to change the admin password of your Amped Athena AC2600 routers?

The admin password is the main attribute of your Amped router login page which you use as a prominent resource to get to the default gateway of the Amped routers. During the Amped wireless setup, these passwords are not generally used as the first time you use, and the setup wizard of the router directly appears on the user's screen. The users can easily bring the change in the admin password of the router by visiting the Amped router login page through It is totally under the user’s will that which type of characters he wants to use as a password, as he can use any of the combinations to make a powerful password.

Steps to change the admin password of the Amped Athena AC2600 router

  • If you wish to change the admin password of the Athena AC2600 router then first you need to open up the browser in your Wi-Fi connected window.
  • Type as the URL of the browser which basically is the LAN IP address of the browser. The user can also type on the address bar of the browser to get to the Amped router login window.
  • Click on the login button and you will be redirected to the default login window of the Amped routers.
  • Go to the administrative tab, then click on the management tab, click on the Password settings tab.
  • Password settings tab will appear on the screen. The window will be having three fields one will of Old password, new password, Confirm password.
  • In the old password field, the user needs to type their present password and in the new password, he has to type his desired password which he wants to keep in Amped router login page.
  • In the confirm password field, the user has to retype the password in the password field.

How to reset the Amped Athena AC2600 router?

reset the Amped Athena AC2600 routerResetting a router is the most basic action or an activity that the user performs to get rid of the lag or interruption that your router is causing because of the disruption in the firewall or its firmware. The more devices will be connected to your router, the more chances of the bugs will be there to get transferred into your Amped Athena AC2600. The reset process is also performed when the user forgets the admin password of the Amped router login which makes it pretty convenient for the users to easily log in to the with the default password.

Steps to reset the Amped Athena AC2600 router

  • Turn over your router and locate a reset button behind your Amped Athena.
  • Now, try to look for equipment with a pointy head to use it as a resource to press that reset button.
  • Hold that button for 10 seconds and you will notice a sudden blink on the power LED located on the front panel of your router. When that blink starts, it means that the reset process has completed and your device has to now restart.

Note: Note down or specify down your Network and administrative settings before performing the rest process so that you can easily bring your router in a former stage maintain its utility level. You can also store your precious data in any external storage device to get easily access of your vital data even after the reset process of your router.